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Ober Haus: House prices continue to drop in Latvia

Aleksandra Bogdanova, BC, Riga, 15.03.2009.Print version
The potential buyers are not hurrying to conclude deals and devote time for analyzing the offer. Major interest has been observed for property, which is offered for at least 50 percent lower price than the average, Ober Haus informs.

According to Ober Haus points out a market research report, in February activity in the Latvian market of single-family houses remained low. Observations of the real estate market and the difficult economic situation in the country allow to expect the downward tendency for house prices to continue. LETA informs.


The largest demand is for completely built houses with finished interior decoration, however, some households also purchase land plots with space for constructing new houses.


Ober Haus experts draw attention to the fact that in the current market situation, it is cheaper to buy a finished house rather than to construct one anew, however, also construction prices have started to fall.

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