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40% of Latvian residents prefer e-services – e-index

BC, Riga, 13.11.2018.Print version
Almost half or 40.2% of Latvian residents prefer e-services, according to the 2018 e-index, informs LETA.

18.9% of Latvian residents would like to receive public services in person, while even a lower share of respondents uses such information channels as postal service or telephone.

According to this year’s e-index, residents prefer to receive services online, saving their time and resources of public institutions. Last year e-services were provided twice as more as in person, and this number is growing.

More than 95% of services were provided online by the Procurement Supervision Office, the Interior Ministry’s information center, the Nature Protection Board and Court Administration.

Also, the share of electronic documents keeps growing and reached 39% of all documents in 2017. The State Fire and Rescue Service, the Cross-Institutional Coordination Center, the Insolvency Administration, the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry have almost fully switched to electronic documents which take at least 85% of the total number of documents.

Latvia's Lattelecom electronic communications services provider and the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has drawn up Latvia's e-index in partnership with the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, Latvia's Association of Large Cities, Latvia's Information and Communication Technology Association. The e-index covered 92 state institutions, including 12 ministries.



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